Monthly Membership:

Adult $ 105.00
Children $ 70.00
Family $ 200.00
Mat Fee (Visitors) $ 10.00
Membership entitles students to participate in all
regularly scheduled classes. Fees remain the
same regardless of how often you attend. Take
advantage of your membership and train as
often as possible.

Payment Policy

Aikido West does not believe in binding its students to signed financial contracts. We believe in verbal agreements based on trust and honesty. Our part of the agreement is to offer you aikido instruction of high quality. Your part of the agreement is to take part in the training and to pay your membership fees promptly when due without being asked.

Download a PDF of Aikido West's complete
Membership & Fees Policies

Assumption of Risk Waiver

Before you may train in a class, you will need to fill out a standard assumption of risk waiver.

What to Wear

For the first month, you may train in excercise clothes of your choosing. After this time, however, we ask you to wear a standard practice gi. You may purchase a gi anywhere you like; cost varies, depending on style, durability, and quality. The dojo sells gi as well.

Jo and Bokken

It is not required that you purchase weapons, as the dojo has weapons for students to use while they are training. If you wish, you may purchase your own weapons and either leave them at the dojo or take them home to practice. The dojo also sells these, although of course you may purchase them anywhere you like.

Seminars at the Dojo

Occasionally the dojo will host seminars, for which fees are charged. Your attendance at these seminars is encouraged but not compulsory.

Voluntary Donations

Aikido West is a nonprofit, educational corporation. We try to keep our fees reasonable--yet they do not actually completely cover our costs. We rely on voluntary donations from our members and others to make up the difference.


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